Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Case: Star Footballer Admits Kathryn Mayorga Said No to Him and Apologised After They Had Sex?

Dhairya Ingle
Cristiano Ronaldo who is having a great time Juventus by scoring goals one after another.

Cristiano Ronaldo who is having a great time Juventus by scoring goals one after another. However, more than a month ago, an American woman named Kathryn Mayorga had accused CR7 of raping her in a hotel room in Las Vegas. The footballer had vehemently denied all the allegations but now as per the new documents, it appears that CR7 admitted that the model had said no to him and he even apologised to her after they had sex. The document which was made in September 2009 referred to Ronaldo as Mr X and Mayorga as Ms C. Cristiano Ronaldo Rubbishes Rape Accusations; Says ‘Fake, Fake News’ (Watch Video)

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The lawyer quizzed the footballer, “What was said by you and what was said by Ms C? (This is particularly important if anything was said about having sex or anything like that)' Ronaldo is said to have replied: 'She said it was not proper to have sex, since they just met ('Better not. It's the first time.') But even so, she grabbed my d***.”  He was asked mention in details about the first physical contact and CR7 went on to say she made herself available and was lying on the bed. He also said  Kathryn must have suffered from a few bruises when CR7 grabbed her. While Cristiano Ronaldo Tweets About His Innocence, Video of Footballer and Rape Accuser Model Kathryn Mayorga Dancing Intimately Goes Viral!

The former Real Madrid player also said that he Kathryn repeatedly said no and kept on jerking him off. As per the documents Ronaldo also said Kathryn was upset. She went on to say, “You asshole, you forced me. You idiot. I'm not like the other.” Ronaldo then apologized to her.  However, as per the documents provided by the footballer’s legal team in December 2009 had different answers.  In December the footballer was once asked what happened that night. Cristiano Ronaldo Accused of Rape by American Woman, Lawyers Defend Juventus Star Footballer. 

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The footballer responded, “She was laying in the bed. I went from behind. We did not switch positions. It was five/seven minutes. It was rough. She didn't complain, she didn't scream, she didn't call for help or anything like that. We didn't use condoms. We didn't even mention it. I did not come inside. I came 'on her' (not 'in her') and in the blankets. There was no artificial lubrication. I used some saliva. Can't tell if she had or not an orgasm.” The footballer also said that she Kathrynne did not say anything after they had sex.

The footballer's team of lawyers alleged tried to silence Mayorga with an out-of-court settlement of $350,000 (£266,000) - but they insist the payment doesn't prove his guilt.  However, CR7 has denied any wrongdoing in public.