Cristiano Ronaldo, in an Interview with Piers Morgan, Says He Trusts Only Four People After Kathryn Mayorga’s Rape Allegations

Vikas Singh Derek

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about many things related to his life during a television interview with Piers Morgan. The Juventus footballer talked about his father, his alleged rape case, his friends and some other past incidents of his life. The Portuguese footballer opened about rape allegations made by Kathryn Mayorga and said that he was left isolated and embarrassed due to the allegations. He also mentioned that he only trusts four people in his life after the rape case. Ronaldo did not reveal their names but said that there are just four people whom he trusts 100 per cent in his life. Cristiano Ronaldo & Team Take off to Spain for Atletico Madrid vs Juventus, UEFA Champions League 2019-20 (See Pics and Video). 

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"But I will say four persons, 100 per cent trust, four persons. I have very close friends, family, but who I trust 100 per cent, it's maybe four persons. Life is like that,” the footballer said in the video. Ronaldo was in the headlines since last one year due to the alleged rape case. Juventus Celebrates Cristiano Ronaldo’s First Goal for the Club With a Video. 

The allegations were made by Kathryn Mayorga, who blamed the Juventus star of raping her in a Las Vegas hotel in June 2009. The case made a lot of headlines in the football world after being eventually dropped. #RonaldoMeetsPiers became a trending search on Twitter on Wednesday after millions of football fans watched the video on TV. Below is Ronaldo's full TV interview with Piers Morgan.

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Ronaldo Breaks Down in TV Interview! 

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star also broke down during the interview while watching a video of his late father. His father died at the age of 52 in 2005. He also complained about not able to be himself in public. He said that whenever he goes to public, his kids and girlfriend are nervous. He also said that even he is nervous while going out in public and called this thing as boring.