It was a criminal waste of police resources, says Navi Mum CP in teen missing case

Mumbai: The Navi Mumbai Commissioner of Police (CP) Sanjay Kumar claimed that it is a 'criminal waste' of funds, resources and manpower, while commenting on the investigation of the 'kidnapping' of the teen, who had accused Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Nishikant More, Motor Transport, Pune, of sexually assaulting her. CP Kumar said, it cost a lot for police to send teams to Allahabad, Dehradun and scrutinise hundreds of hours of CCTV footage to track the girl.

During a media briefing, CP Kumar said that the case of the ‘missing’ teen, who was later found with a male friend, Ankit Singh, 20, at Dehradun, had wasted the police resources like manpower, financial funds and efforts that were put in to trace the duo. Police sources said, they knew the trail of the duo since day one, when the teen went missing after leaving a suicide note, but were a day late, in anticipation that the teen should not take any wrong step. “We were scrutinising all the CCTV footages right from the teen’s house till Kharghar and Kurla, from where they boarded a train to Uttar Pradesh. This has been sheer waste of time and was completely wrong of the teen to take police for a spin,” said CP Kumar.

Police were co-operating with the Special Task Force (STF) of Uttar Pradesh, who kept the police in loop regarding the duo’s whereabouts. Things fell into place, when the teen contacted her parents, as she was missing them. A police official said, “Since the girl had left a suicide note, if anything would have happened to her, the accused would have walked scot-free. We had to tread very carefully, considering all the outcomes that could have happened.”

Meanwhile, DIG More’s whereabouts remain a mystery even as several teams were sent to locate him, but to no avail. Ever since a case was registered against More on December 26, he did not report to duty and has gone off the grid.

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