Cricket's chirp may soon be used to monitor their species diversity

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Representative Image

New Delhi (Delhi) [India], November 18 (ANI): The chirp of the cricket may soon be used to monitor their species diversity, the Ministry of Science and Technology said here on Wednesday.

According to the report, "Scientists are establishing an acoustic signal library that can help track the diversity of these insects. It will help understand evolutionary relationships among nearly 140 species of field crickets from India."

Dr. Ranjana Jaiswara, a Department of Science and Technology (DST) Inspire Faculty Fellow at the Department of Zoology, Panjab University, is working to establish a field crickets acoustic-signal library which can be used as a non-invasive tool in species diversity estimation and monitoring.

"The library will be a digital one and can be used through the mobile phone application for automated species recognition and discovery as well as documentation of new species of crickets from India," the ministry added.

Field crickets are one of the most commonly used model organisms in the field of neuroethology, behavioural ecology, experimental biology and acoustics because of their unique ability to produce a loud acoustic signal by rubbing of highly specialised forewings against each other. (ANI)