Cricket West Indies ring in major changes: Details here

Rajdeep Saha

Cricket West Indies ring in major changes: Details here

12 Apr 2019: Cricket West Indies ring in major changes: Details here

Cricket West Indies has replaced head coach Richard Pybus just months after he was appointed.

He has been replaced by Floyd Reifer. He comes in as the new interim coach.

The decision comes as one of the several reforms announced by new President of Cricket West Indies Ricky Skerritt.

This move comes with the ICC World Cup just around the corner.

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Haynes: Robert Haynes is the new interim head of selectors

Cricket West Indies has also changed the entire selection panel.

Robert Haynes has replaced Courtney Browne as interim head of selectors.

"We are confident that in Mr. Haynes we have found an interim chairman who shares the philosophy of inclusiveness and shares our selection policy," Skerritt said.

"We have no doubt Mr. Haynes will engage with players everywhere," he added.

Selection: The selection policy is also set to change

The selection policy is also set to change fundamentally. According to Skerritt, several players who had been "secretly but actively victimised" in the past will once again be available for selection.

"We have found it necessary to immediately adjust our selection policy to become more open, inclusive and player-centric," he said.

This brings several high-profile players into contention for the 2019 World Cup.

Fact: This is a calculated strategic move: Skerritt

"The changes we have triggered this week are more than a change in personnel or a shake-up in the ranks. This is a calculated strategic move designed to reignite the passion for a culture, where our cricket is being put back where it belongs."

Change: Several high-profile players could make a return

Chris Gayle is already set to play in the World Cup and he could be joined by some mega superstars playing freelance T20 cricket around the globe.

The likes of Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine and Andre Russell could well be back for the World Cup in England and Wales.

There was a certain turmoil that plagued West Indies cricket, but things look different now.

Pollard: Pollard hopes for a recall to West Indies team

In-form Pollard is hoping for a recall to the side.

"Every day I get the opportunity to play, I want to do my best. There has been a lot of turmoil in West Indies cricket over the last couple of years. But we have seen in the last couple of weeks there's a change," said Pollard.