'CreepShots' of 'buttocks and breasts of unsuspecting women' on Reddit sparks outrage

London, Sept. 24 (ANI): Campaigners are protesting to close an online forum that promotes candid photographs of unsuspecting women for users' sexual gratification.

The message board on Reddit, a social news website where the registered users submit content, was explicitly created by users who wanted to watch the photos that were taken without the subjects' knowledge.

The sub-forum is called 'CreepShots', featuring images of ordinary women on the street, in the gym or even at school whose pictures were taken without their consent.

Most shots focus on the buttocks or breasts of women, and users admit that 'at least 40 percent' of the images are of underage girls.

According to the Daily Mail, the user, 'Weagleweaglewde', while posting numerous 'upskirt' images of girls in a classroom setting, claims in at least two posts that he is a teacher at a high school.

A campaign to remove the site has sprung up from other corners of Reddit, a diverse social networking site that has nearly 35 million users a month.

"What's particularly disturbing about the voyeur subreddits is that individuals are having their perverse, invasive, and illegal behavior validated and encouraged by many others," one furious user wrote.

'Students should be able to attend class without having their privacy violated by fellow students and trusted authority figures like teachers.

'Girls should be able to go to school without worrying that sexually suggestive images of them are being uploaded to popular websites like Reddit for thousands to view and ogle.'

According to the report, one user went too far and offered tips for getting 'creep shots'.

"Don't be nervous," the advice reads, adding: "If you are, you'll stand out. Don't hover too much, get your shot and move on if you can. You'll look less like a creep if you have photos of things other than just hot chicks' a**es". (ANI)