Will Create Hospitals in Name of Saints if Voted to Power, Says Mayawati Amid Brahmin Debate in UP

Qazi Faraz Ahmad
·2-min read

After the Samajwadi Party's announcement to install a 108-feet tall statue of Lord Parshuram in Uttar Pradesh, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati on Sunday said that if her party was voted to power in 2022 State Assembly Polls then her government will create hospitals with modern facilities in the name of great saints. She also alleged that the Central and State governments have failed in handling the prevailing Covid-19 situation.

"Keeping in mind the shortcomings of the state and central governments amid Covid-19 pandemic, if BSP comes to power, we will create hospitals with modern facilities and accomodation facilities in the name of great saints. Four-time BSP govt had launched several public interest schemes in the name of great saints of all classes and also named districts after them, which were later changed by the Samajwadi Party govt due their casteist mentality this will be reinstated after we come to power," news agency ANI quoted the BSP supremo as saying.

Earlier in an attempt to woo Brahmin community voters, the Samajwadi Party had announced to install a 108-ft tall statue of Lord Prashuram in Lucknow. Parashuram is considered the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu by devotees and is said to have killed many warriors from the Kshatriya clan with his battleaxe (parashu) for abusing their power.

The Akhilesh Yadav-led party is reportedly in discussions with some of the top statue builders in the country. The statue will be made through donations and fundraisers under the banner of Parashuram Chetna Peeth Trust and will be installed at Janeshwar Mishra Park in Lucknow.

Party sources say that some senior SP leaders recently visited Jaipur in connection with the project. Observers say that it is an attempt by the Samajwadi Party to connect with Brahmins, once considered the traditional vote bank of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

SP leaders are of the view that the statue of Lord Parashuram could prove to be a master stroke for the party ahead of the 2022 UP Assembly polls. The party has for years relied on the Muslim-Yadav (M-Y) formula to find a path to power. But, Brahmin vote bank politics has heated up in the state after gangster Vikas Dubey's killing recently.

The political arena in Uttar Pradesh seems to be heating up ahead of the 2022 Assembly polls, and after the recent killing of the notorious gangster, who was a Brahmin, the opposition parties seem to be vying with each other to appease the community. The Congress too has been trying to highlight problems faced by the community in the state.