Cowboys DE Tyrone Crawford calls out EA for 'humpty-dumpty' body in 'Madden 19'

Tyrone Crawford has a bone to pick with the makers of “Madden 19.”

And it’s not about his rating. It’s about his gut.

Tyrone Crawford not cool with Madden gut

The Dallas Cowboys defensive end took to Twitter Sunday night, posting a still image from the EA Sports NFL game of his rating profile featuring a bit of a protruding belly hanging over his belt line.

“Who on your staff felt it ok to make my body look like humpty-dumpty?” Crawford wrote. “I DEMAND A REVIEW!”

To be fair, he has a point. Crawford’s looking trim and fit in this real-life image he posted to make his case.

He’s surely worked hard on his physique and is rightfully upset with the stock defensive lineman body EA slapped his head upon.

EA promises to make good

Madden seems to agree and acknowledged the oversight in a Twitter response.

It appears that Crawford will be getting a makeover ahead of the Aug. 10 “Madden 19” release date. And EA gets a nice bit of promotion out of the deal.

Social media is indeed a powerful tool.

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Cowboys defensive end Tyrone Crawford is mad at”Madden 19″ for giving him a gut, and to be fair, he has a point. (AP)