A Cow Just Gatecrashed IIT-B Hostel and Ate Pages of a Book


The mysticism surrounding the human-bovine relationship in India is even more intriguing when it is manifested at the prestigious engineering institute IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) in Mumbai.

Back in July, the institution saw a cow casually strolling into one of its classrooms, leaving the internet in splits and raising a very important question - Had the cow cracked JEE?

In a similar incident, the photographs of which surfaced recently, a cow and a half-eaten book were seen inside one of the rooms of the student accommodations at IIT, in hostel number three. The logical inference was to assume that this was the cow’s doing.

In another stint in July, an intern was injured when he was attacked by raging cattle inside the campus, which compelled the authorities to form a cattle committee, which is not all that common even though the man and cattle ratio in India is not as large as one might like to think.

A student commented that after repeated incidents of this manner, solutions to solve the rampant cattle interference in the students’ daily lives, are required. Others observed that these are not isolated incidents and that cows take the liberty to stroll inside hostels quite often but never have they eaten up books in this manner.

Denying the allegations against a lackadaisical attitude of the cattle committee, the IITB spokesperson dismissed charges on grounds of credibility, saying that there is no proof that the pictures were from within an IITB hostel.

The fact that there is a cattle committee to begin with, is hint enough for the kind of cattle population that thrives on the campus.

The spokesperson promised to take the necessary steps to eradicate this nuisance by employing guards to keep the cattle under check and away from buildings where classes are held. He admitted to the need for “expert assistance” and collaborations with NGOs.

"We also plan to put RFID collars on the cattle and are working on a sterilisation programme to control their population," the spokesperson said, according to Mid Day. He also added plans of making a cattle shelter near a lake inside the campus where there are large patches of grass.