Cow ‘adopts’ puppies after lioness feeds leopard cub: Beauty of life’s harmony

Shubham Ghosh

Lucknow, Jan 9: In a video that restores faith on harmony of life, four little puppies were seen drinking milk from the udder of a cow in Uttar Pradesh. The puppies' mother said to have passed away soon after their births and the cow chipped in to feed them. The video of the cow feeding the puppies sitting on the roadside was taken by a bystander and it went viral in no time on social media.

A few days ago, a lioness in Gujarat's Gir forest was seen adopting a one-and-half month old leopard cub which got separated from its mother. The lioness was seen feeding the leopard cub along with its own cubs, catching the forest officials by surprise since this is something unique. The lioness is also seen protecting the leopard cub from other lions.

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It's so real and sensitive in the animal's world. In that of the human beings, though, it's turning worse with each day.

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