COVID19 :Obeying the “Design of COVID19” Why are Cases still RISING with increased Vaccinations ?

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by Ashish Kalra BS(UT Austin), Masters(Cornell), MBA(Chicago Booth School) The COVD19 Pandemic has been devastating. It has killed nearly 3 million people around the world, and spread to over 210 countries. While vaccinations have gone up which should have resulted in a decrease of COVID cases, the reverse is happening ! People are taking necessary social distancing precautions, wearing their Face masks while outside, getting their AstraZeneca vaccinescases are still going up ? “Deadly variants” like B117(UK),B1351(South Africa), P1(Brazil) and now B1526(New York) have appeared. P1 is 2.5x more contagious than other variants. According to German Chancellor Merkel 'B117 is clearly more lethal, more contagious and contagious for longer'. University of Cambridge study opines that on average B117 required a 2 FOLD INCREASE in serum antibody concentration to 'neutralize the virus'. J&J's COVID19 Vaccine is ONLY 64% effective against B1351 (Dr Bruce, Business Insider,April 2,2021). New Novovax Vaccine is only 55% effective against B1351(Health Insights,Hoecklin). What do we do now ? Booster shots are not helping. Have 5-6 vaccine shots and then a 'new variant' emerges ?Advanced Science solution ? The answer is simple. COVID19 has come from Human Consumption of a Bat infected mammal (Pangolin/Badger/Rabbit). Not from a Laboratory in Wuhan! Dr Embark's recent WHO trip confirms this. Page (WSJ,Feb9) 'Coronavirus likely came from a Mammal, not from a Laboratory' is sufficient validation. As shown above, Mad Cow Disease due to Human consumption of CATTLE, (H5N1:CHICKEN). (AvianFlu in China, 1959: Human consumption of Ducks) (NipahVirus:Pigs)(Source;CDC) (SADS Disease: Pigs),(Swine Flu Pandemic,2009: Pigs) (Bats: Ebola Virus). Bats have been the Intermediate Host for both SARS & MERS. SARS caused due to Human consumption of Civets (Source: CDC, Robert Roos “Science” June 29’20) & Camels caused the MERS Virus in 2012/13 (CDC).

B. Variants(B117,B1351,P1) coming from different Animals in different geographies but CONCURRENT( 'Deadly Design of the Virus' (Kalra , Paper 4)) C.DIFFERENT ECOSYSTEMS:Human Beings and Animals are Different Ecosystems. Similarly, when Cannibals eat Human Beings, they get BRAIN DISEASE. Human Beings CANNOT encroach on the Animal Ecosystem. Always remember that Human Consumption of Civets caused the Deadly SARS Virus in 2003. COVID 19 Pandemic is SARS 2 (Badger/Pangolin/Rabbit) ; Bat infected.

D. DISRUPT THE ANIMAL FOOD CHAIN :Start with prohibiting eating of Wild Animals (Bears, Leopards, Flying Foxes, Civets and Pangolin). This is Phase 1. In graph , large shaded portion is when the 'Animal Food Chain is Disrupted (C to E). Human Beings CANNOT encroach on the Animal Ecosystem. Period.

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