Covid vaccine: In Gujarat, European firm unveils tech to store, transport doses

As India approves vaccines, storage & transportation tech unveiled. Luxembourg-based B. Medical Systems launched an equipment in Ahmedabad. India was in talks with the foreign firm to set up vaccine cold chain. PM Modi had spoken to Luxembourg Prime Minister about vaccine logistics challenges. Luxembourg PM had offered to help India via B. Medical Systems. The tech reportedly included portable vaccine refrigerators. These fridges can store different vaccines at different temperatures. The firm is importing from Luxembourg until India production starts. “I estimate that cold chain tech will see similar moves. This equipment can transport vaccines at any temperature. This tech can transport at (-) 80 degrees to (+) 2 to 8 degrees. This can store vaccines for 5 days when outside temp is 43 degrees. Temperature won’t stay 43 degrees during day & night both. This can store & transport vaccines in India for 10 days,” said Jesal Doshi, Deputy CEO, B. Medical Systems. Watch the full video for more.