COVID: Twins survive, parents die

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Jun 01 (ANI): As families continue to lose their loved ones due to COVID, a disheartening incident from Bhopal came into surface. 5-year-old twins, who got tested positive for COVID-19, have won battle but lost their parents. Now they are living under the shadow of maternal grandparents. The grandparents of the twin sisters appealed PM Modi and Chief Minster Shivraj to provide aid to fulfill the dreams of twins. Maternal grandfather said, “All four members of family were tested COVID positive. Doctor admitted twin’s father, while their mother and twins were home quarantined. During the treatment their father died and after three days their mother died due to shock. These sisters want to become a doctor and a police officer. I will try to fulfill their dreams. I will appeal to both CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and PM Narendra Modi to provide aid through scheme.”