COVID testing crisis: India's non- essential testing wrecks fight against COVID , labs overburdened

With the second wave of Coronavirus going on in the country, the biggest struggle that people of India are seeing is that of COVID testing. All the labs are either overbooked or the testing kits are not available, delaying the whole process of the fight against COVID. Dr Vidhur Mahajan. the head of research of Mahajan Imaging says that “there is a lot of data entry at every stage of covid testing, that should be shortened to reduce the time of testing for people”. It can be observed that there is a lot of non-essential testing happening around the nation right now, be it related to travel, work or meetings. Dr A. Velumani MD and chairperson of Thyrocare says that “like oxygen, testing also has a capacity in the country” alongside that he also states that home collection is something that is stalling the whole process as one technician can only collect samples from 5 to 6 homes in a day but if there is kiosk sample collection available the same person can collect up to 100 samples prompting mass detection of COVID-19 in the country. Listen in!