Covid Positive Man Munches on Raw Onion, Garlic to Show Loss of Taste, Video Goes Viral on TikTok

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The coronavirus has affected millions around the world and is known to cause temporary, and in some cases permanent, loss of taste and smell.

In an attempt to demonstrate how badly this virus can damage the ability to taste the food, a person ate raw onions, baby foods, sardines and drank lemon juice. While eating these foods which have a quite strong taste, 30-year-old Russell Donnelly said he tasted nothing.

As reported by the Independent, Russell posted a video of himself on video-sharing app TikTok where he can be seen eating these foods and not feeling anything because of the loss of smell and taste due to Covid-19.

The taste of food can be determined by taste buds on our tongue. But as Russell’s smell and taste both have been compromised due to Covid-19, he was unaffected even though he ate pungent items like an onion.

Speaking to, Russell informed that he decided to make this video for his friends and others on TikTok. He told that his friends were finding it hard to believe that he cannot taste anything.

First, he took a bite of onion in his TikTok video and said that it had no taste. Same happened when he took a shot of lemon juice.

At the end of his taste test, he ate a spoon of garlic paste but that also had no taste for Russell.

He said, “This is a crazy virus.”

Russell’s video is viral now and has received more than 17 million views. He is one of those patients who suffered a loss of taste and smell during Covid-19. Other symptoms of Covid-19 include dry cough, fever and breathing troubles. The condition has mostly flu-like symptoms but the loss of taste and smell are Covid-19 specific symptoms.

So far, coronavirus has infected more than 54 million people. The virus proved deadly for over 1 million people worldwide.