COVID: Delhi Police Commissioner takes stock of situation on ground, inspects several parts

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New Delhi, Apr 28 (PTI) Delhi Police Commissioner S N Shrivastava on Wednesday took stock of the situation on ground during the ongoing lockdown and inspected several parts of the city, including the areas of west and Dwarka districts, officials said.

The police commissioner saw pickets at strategic points to check and regulate the movement of vehicles.

'The Delhi Police is deployed in strength to implement lockdown. I went out in West Delhi. While police is doing its best to implement lockdown, every resident should ensure its success. Lockdown should be people's responsibility for it to succeed, else only partly,' Shrivastava tweeted.

According to a statement released by police, Shrivastava spoke to the personnel on duty at the pickets and boosted their morale. He also underlined the need for invariably wearing double masks and face shields by the picket checking staff so as to minimise their exposure to risks while performing duty.

While speaking to supervisory officers, it was reiterated that the movement of only bonafide movement pass holders and the genuine needy be allowed, it said.

'Strict action be taken against those found violating lockdown instructions,' he said.

In the last 24 hours, 180 FIRs have been registered for lockdown violation and 163 persons arrested.

Since the imposition of night curfew in Delhi, over 6,400 cases have been registered for breaking lockdown norms and around 6,000 violators arrested, the statement said.

The police is also sensitising people and making announcements from vehicle mounted public announcement systems in several densely populated areas urging people to stay home and try not to violate the lockdown in view of the public health emergency going on, it added. PTI NIT KJ