Covid in Delhi: Every Fourth Person Tested Found Positive, Nine Deaths Every Hour Since Saturday

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The coronavirus infection continues to wreak havoc in Delhi as every fourth person tested since Saturday has been found positive for Covid-19, data from the Delhi government suggests. Further, close to nine people are dying every hour since Saturday on an average due to the infection. Breaching all its previous records, Delhi on Tuesday reported 28,395 coronavirus cases and logged 277 deaths in a day. The city's case positivity rate crossed the 30 per cent mark as it touched 32.82 per cent on Tuesday. The city conducted 86,526 Covid tests, according to the official data. Since April 1, the daily positivity rate has been witnessing a rise. On March 30, it was recorded at 2.70 percent, one in every 37 samples turned positive. By April 8, it was 8.10 percent when 91,770 tests were conducted. This means every one in 12 samples was testing positive. On April 12, the daily positivity rate was 12.44 percent, every one in eight was testing positive when the city conducted 92,397 tests. This continues to increase in the following days. Delhi's daily positivity rate was 20.22 percent on April 15 and 24.56 percent on Saturday, when every fourth sample tested turned positive. It reached 29.74 percent on Sunday – every third person testing positive. The positivity rate was 26.12 percent on Monday, every fourth sample testing positive. For Tuesday, it was 32.82 percent and every third sample testing positive. As per the Tuesday bulletin, a total of 86,526 tests, including 56,724 RT-PCR ones, were conducted during the 24-hour window. The Monday bulletin says 90,696 samples were tested. With 28,395 cases reported on Tuesday, Delhi was reporting 1,183 cases per hour. On Monday, Delhi had recorded 23,686 cases – 987 cases per hour. On Sunday, there were 25,462 cases – 1,061 cases reported per hour and 24,375 Covid-19 infections were reported on Saturday and 1,016 cases reported per hour. Since Saturday, Delhi has reported over 1.01 lakh new cases. Not just cases but Delhi has also been reporting over 160 deaths each day since Saturday. Further, since Monday, the city has been reporting over 240 deaths each day. In total, 845 deaths have been reported in the city since Saturday, about nine deaths per hour on an average. On Saturday, the city reported 167 deaths, about seven deaths per hour during a 24-hour period. On Sunday, Delhi reported 161 deaths. For Monday, there were 10 deaths per hour, as the city reported 240 deaths. Delhi was reporting 11 deaths per hour as per the Delhi government data, which says the city reported 277 deaths. On April 11, last Sunday, the city reported two deaths per hour that increased to three deaths per hour on Monday, April 12. As of April 20, Delhi's cumulative Covid-19 tally reached 9.05 lakh while the death toll stands at 12,638.

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