COVID-19: ‘Why I turned into a Modi bhakt’

A social media influencer is going viral over a lengthy post that describes her transformation into a Narendra Modi supporter. Natashja Rathore, a self-confessed 'non-political person', explains her change of heart over the last few days of the coronavirus panic in India.

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

‘A crisis involving life and death, is the best time to judge a person’s intention. For it is at this time that our true nature is revealed. My findings have been that while large amounts of Indians are brainless trolls, goons and bhakts with an excuse to push their religious or extremists ideas, a large part of the “intellectual” and “woke” community are no better with their mindless and blind hatred for Modi,’ she writes.

She also laments the culture of dynasty politics and flays people who are ever-critical of Modi: "But why would anyone hate Modi so much? India has survived for decades on corruption and dynasty politics.’‘The thing with India is, we have never had a leader who represents 90% of India’s population, we have never had a leader who is a Chaiwala, who comes from that socio-economic strata, who understands the General Indian public. Modi understands that for any change in India - we need movements, not laws. A lot of what Modi has implemented in the country, the speed with which things have changed, the way that he has dealt with situations and people is commendable,’ she proclaims.

Ms Rathore also eulogises the Modi government for their handling of the COVID-19 crisis: “It took China 10 Days to build a 1000 bed hospital. India transformed the Indian Railways into a 6370 bed facility overnight. The preparation and planning that has gone into managing this pandemic in a country like India, is unprecedented in the history of the world."

She slammed opposition for exposing the most vulnerable group of people and using them to bring down Modi even during these critical times. ‘Everything that is happening in India today is proof beyond a doubt that the opposition is DESPERATE. It’s proof beyond a doubt that they will do EVERYTHING they can to shit on what Narendra Modi has achieved. They will do ANYTHING it takes to bring down Narendra Modi even if it is at the cost of the nation and its people,’ she writes.

She concludes by noting that she now knows what it means to be a ‘nationalist’: "Today, I’ve understood what it means to be a nationalist. Today, I’ve understood who the real Anti-Nationals are. Today, I’m proud of the leader we have. Today, I am ashamed of myself for not having stood up and spoken about this earlier for fear of what my artsy-fartsy left liberal friends would think. Today, I’m publicly declaring my support for the Modi. Govt. Call me a 'Bhakt'. I don’t care."