COVID-19 Vaccine Update: University of Washington Claims to Develop a Vaccine based on 'Nano-Particles' that Triers 10 Times Stronger Immune Response Against the Virus

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New Delhi, November 4: A team from the University of Washington School of medicine claimed to have developed an experimental COVID-19 vaccine that triggers a 10-time stronger immune response against the virus as compared to the response seen in coronavirus survivors reported Dailymail. The vaccine, reportedly, uses nano-particles that mimic the structural features of the coronavirus strain, which is often nano-sized itself. It provokes a strong memory cell response, in which the body remembers the invading virus and produce antibodies more quickly when infected. COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Moderna Prepares for Global Launch of Coronavirus Vaccine.

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Dr Neil King, an assistant professor of Biochemistry at the UW School of Medicine said, "We hope that our nano particle platform may help fight this pandemic that is causing so much damage to our world." "The potency, stability, and manufacturability of this vaccine candidate differentiate it from many others under investigation," he added. The vaccine displays 60 copies of the coronavirus's receptor-binding domain docking the body receptors to enter the cells. The body gets trained to recognise these receptors and build up antibodies against them. COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Sanofi, GSK to Supply COVAX with 200 Million Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine.

The vaccine was tested on a mice. The results showed that the vaccine produced ten times more antibodies to fight the infection as compared to the ones that a body naturally produces. It also resulted in a strong B cell response. The B cell locks onto the surface of the entering virus and helps the immune cells to identify it. Unlike other potential contenders, the team claims that its nano-particle vaccine does not require freezer storage, making it easy to produce and transport across the world.

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