COVID-19 Vaccine: Common Side-effects You Should Know About

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Medical researchers around the world are on a war footing to develop effective vaccines against the COVID-19 virus, which has devastated healthcare systems, economies and life in general. Many of the vaccine candidates which are at different stages of trials have shown promising results. The frontrunners include Pfizer, Moderna, Oxford-Astrazeneca and Sputnik V among several others.

While different vaccines have exhibited high efficacy rates of over 90 per cent, the concerns surrounding their usage is also crucial to understand. Doctors and specialists have cautioned that getting inoculated can be a complicated process as several side-effects have been observed during the trials of the vaccines.

These side-effects have not been found to be too dangerous and at any rate no vaccine that creates life-threatening complications would be approved. It is, however, advisable for the general public to know about the potential side-effects to be better prepared. Here are some of the side-effects of COVID-19 vaccines:

1. Headaches

Headaches are very common with over 50 per cent of people who were vaccinated during trials experiencing varying levels of pain.

2. Fever and chills

Fever and chills are among the most common side-effects observed in Moderna vaccine trials. One participant developed a fever up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit following a dose, which subsided within a few hours without any medical assistance.

3. Nausea and vomiting

Trials have shown that the vaccine can affect the gastrointestinal system resulting in nausea and vomiting. One of Moderna's participants who received a high dose was left feeling “down and out” for hours. The shot may also induce abdominal cramps and fatigue.

4. Migraines

The COVID-19 vaccine can induce migraine pain, especially in individuals having a history of the disease. One of Pfizer’s trial participants reportedly felt a debilitating migraine pain which left her exhausted. People are advised to take suitable rest following the vaccination. Taking a day off from work would be a good idea.

5. Muscle pain and soreness

Getting a vaccine injected can also cause soreness, muscle pain and rashes. These can be due to the immune response of the individual. Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford-Astrazeneca trials have found these symptoms in several participants.