Covid-19 Vaccination Centre Near Me: Here’s How to Find on Google Maps, MapMyIndia

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Coronavirus cases in India are on the rise again. The only way to prevent yourself from contracting the virus is by making sure that you mandatorily practice social distancing, wear face masks at all times and get vaccinated if you meet the eligibility criteria. In India, there are two types of vaccines that have been made available, first is Covishield and the other one is Covaxin.

If you are above the age of 45 years, you are eligible to get vaccinated from April 1. To find your nearest vaccination centre, you can use both Google Maps and MapMyIndia. While going to the vaccination centre, make sure that you are carrying a valid government photo ID proof.

To search through Google Maps, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Google Maps app in your phone

Step 2: Make sure that your location is turned on in the app

Step 3: Type ‘type Covid 19 vaccination centre’ and the results will appear

The data that you see on Google Maps has come from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. On showing the result, the app will also mention whether the walk-in facility to get vaccinated is available or not.

For accessing the list of centres near you through MapMyIndia, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Download the MapMyIndia app on your phone or simply search for website through any internet browser of your choice

Step 2: Make sure that your location is turned on in both cases

Step 3: On opening the app or on landing on the homepage of the website, you will see an option that reads ‘Vaccination Centres’. Click or tap on it

Step 4: The list of vaccination centres that are near your house will appear

All those who are eligible to get vaccinated should preferably book an appointment. This will not only save them the hassle of waiting in queues but will also ensure a more streamlined vaccination process at large.

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