How Covid-19 Tests Have Dropped in States: After Delhi, It Dropped in Assam, Uttar Pradesh Too

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After Delhi, the coronavirus tests have dropped in Assam and Uttar Pradesh too, when compared to last week, official data says. While Delhi has dropped testing by more than 36 per cent, Uttar Pradesh has reported a reduction of 7.17 per cent in sample testing during April 19 and 26. Further, during this Monday and last Monday, Assam has dropped testing by almost half, as per the official data from the respective States.

On April 19, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Assam conducted 90,696, 200,751 and 65,410 tests, respectively. This has dropped to 57,690, 186,346 and 33,674 on April 26, respectively for the respective States.

Since April 18, Delhi has reported a daily drop in the testing barring a few days. Delhi conducted close to 1 lakh tests on April 16 (98,957 tests) and April 17 (99,230). This dropped to 85,620 tests on April 18. Delhi again tested over 90,000 samples on the next two days – April 19 (90,696) and April 20 (98,632). However, since April 21, there has been a drop in the testing with less than 76,000 samples tested on Thursday and Friday.

The tests conducted in Delhi on April 21, 22 and 23 were 83,141, 72,208 and 75,037, respectively.

On Saturday, 74,702 samples were tested and this dropped to 57,690 tests on Monday.

In November, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had announced that they will conduct over one lakh tests each day, when Delhi was facing the third wave of Coronavirus, as per the government.

On April 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked States for proactive testing. He said the asymptomatic patients will be discovered with more testing and they can be home quarantined. Modi said with testing, the infected people will not live the life with their family as before and hence, families can be saved from getting infected.

While the three States have dropped testing, there are many States which have increased testing during the last one week.

It is also important to note that the data reported on Monday is of Sunday and usually the testing drops during the weekend.

Among the States where testing has increased even during the weekend are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, West Bengal.

While Maharashtra has reported a marginal increase in testing, of 0.42 percent, from 221,626 on April 19 to 222,565 tests on Monday.

Karnataka has reported a massive increase of 35.05 percent in testing, from 123,212 tests on April 19 to 166,407 tests on April 26.

Further, Tamil Nadu has increased testing by 7.7 percent from 111,590 tests on April 19 to 120,184 tests on April 26.

West Bengal has also increased testing by 15.29 percent, 42,118 on April 19 to 48,562 on April 26.

Kerala too has increased testing by 10.43 percent over the week, from 87,275 tests on April 19 to 96,378 tests on April 26.

On Tuesday, 323,144 people tested positive for the coronavirus infection, taking India’s total tally of Covid-19 cases to 1,76,36,307.

India's recovery rate has dropped to 82.54 percent as of date.

The death toll increased to 1,97,894 with 2,771 daily new fatalities, the Union Health Ministry said.

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