COVID-19: What should students from class 12, who might soon be taking board exams, do?

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  • By Ayush Bansal

With the World Health Organisation declaring the novel coronavirus a pandemic, colleges across the globe are being impacted. Due to academic operations getting closed or limited, it may become difficult for students who are now moving out of class 12th to enter colleges this year.

Since this situation has shown up in March-the time for college admissions-it's going to be a challenge for students. College admissions, after all, may start in the next 30-40 days. All this has made research, information and choice limited for students.

Here are some pointers both students and parents must consider:

1. Keep the focus on board exams: Students must understand that the board exams, even though these have been postponed, are the most important thing they need to focus on. Doing well in class 12th exams is important for career, despite what the Bollywood or the internet says.

2. Have a back-up plan: Students who were looking to go abroad for higher education, especially to the US, Europe, South Korea and Australia, should have a back-up plan. The situation for those currently studying in these countries has been difficult, because some areas are locked-down, and returning home is getting difficult. Right now, even if you have an acceptance letter from a university abroad, have a back-up option to study in India.

As the admission process in India will likely start in April-May, apply for entrance exams. Remember that the coronavirus impact could lead to uncertainty in many countries for maybe the next six months or even a year, and some countries might alter visa rules, etc, so staying back in India might be the best thing to do.

3. Board exams: The CBSE and other board exams have been postponed, not cancelled, so don't have a lax attitude. Hopefully, by mid-April, we may have more clarity on the COVID-19 impact on India. In case the situation worsens, the timelines for college admission process will change and get extended. That means you will get more time to plan.
To sum it up, right now focus on board exams, take the needed precautions, and in case you were planning to go abroad, it may be time to search for colleges in India.

(The author is CEO & founder, iDreamCareer. Views are personal)

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