COVID-19 special: Five habits to keep, even after the pandemic

Meera Venugopal
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COVID-19 special: Five habits to keep, even after the pandemic
COVID-19 special: Five habits to keep, even after the pandemic

17 Feb 2021: COVID-19 special: Five habits to keep, even after the pandemic

The pandemic and lockdown restrictions made us suddenly adapt to newer habits and lifestyle changes.

Sanitizing hands and wearing face masks are not the only ones that became a norm; we were also forced to tweak many of our habits to suit the scenario.

We also learned a few new things, which we should probably not let go off.

Workout: Stick to a regular workout routine, even post the pandemic

Even the laziest of us resorted to some form of physical activity like indoor workouts and gardening, to keep ourselves occupied during the lockdown.

While gyms are opening up with social distancing norms in place, the idea of sharing common spaces can still be daunting to many.

Figure out what works best for you but definitely make regular workouts a lifelong habit.

Self-care: Continue doing things that make you happy

During the earlier days of the pandemic, with stressful thoughts taking a toll on mental health, people began to resort to doing things that made them happy.

Social media was flooded with stress-baking pictures and photos of other hobbies that the public indulged in.

This was also seen as a form of self-care.

Continue finding time to do such things that make you happy.

Time: Make quality time with loved ones a priority

While until 2020, quality time with your partner and kids was a weekend privilege, but the pandemic made sure that we get to spend more time with our loved ones.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that spending more time at home have made people more patient and tolerant toward each other.

Make family time a priority, even after and when the world returns to normal.

Cooking: Continue cooking at home and restrict eating out in restaurants

Our busy lifestyles meant that takeaways were a daily activity and cooking at home was reserved for the weekends.

With COVID-19, people have become keener on preparing their meals, partly due to the unavailability of hotels and mostly due to hygiene concerns.

Healthy home-cooked meals should be a lifestyle habit and eating out should be restricted to a few times a month.

Hygiene: Sanitizing hands and maintaining better hygiene should continue

Needless to say that regularly sanitizing our hands not just washes off the coronavirus but also any other viruses and bacteria, which can be hazardous to health.

Maintaining excellent hygiene has become a necessity these days and it should be made a habit for life.

Teach your kids to wash their hands regularly and to cover their mouths before sneezing, even otherwise.