Delhi has adequate facilities to handle 100 COVID-19 cases per day: Arvind Kejriwal

Astha Saxena
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Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the situation in Delhi under control right now. (File photo)

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Friday underlined that the COVID-19 situation in the national capital was under control and that his government has put in place arrangements if the number of cases goes up to even 100 per day.

The Chief Minister further said a five-member committee formed by him to look into the preparedness of the healthcare facilities in the city has submitted its report to the government. Talking about the committee's suggestion, Kejriwal said a three-stage plan has been prepared by the committee and the government is now working on it.

“The situation is under control right now. There were days when Delhi did not have a single case in a day. But looking at the other countries like the UK, America, if the situation goes out of control, then we need to be prepared," Kejriwal said. "I had formed a five-member committee to prepare a roadmap for the future scenario if the cases increase in Delhi. The plan is divided into three stages. Firstly, the contingency plan if Delhi starts getting 100 cases per day, secondly, if the cases reach to 500 per day and thirdly if the per day average reach to 1,000 per day,” he said.

As many as 39 confirmed cases of COVID-19 has been reported from the national capital till Friday morning, out of which 29 have a travel history and the remaining 10 cases are among the local transmission.

“At present, if the cases reach to 100 cases per day, then we have required facilities in terms of isolation beds, ventilators, ICU beds, testing facilities, ambulances and the staying facilities for doctors and nurses. An SOP has been prepared and we have everything ready for the increasing cases. As per the plan, we are looking at the shortcomings and filling the gaps. I hope the situation of 100 cases doesn't arise in Delhi,” he added.