Covid-19 PSA: Samuel L Jackson is Asking Fans to 'Stay the F**k at Home' and You Should
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Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson is perhaps best known among his fans for turning the act of swearing onscreen into an art. And now, with COVID-19 pandemic scaring the wits out of the world, the Pulp Fiction actor has come up with a video advisory that is more than apt and befitting of the times we live in. "Stay the F**k at Home," he said.

With worldwide cases of coronavirus crossing eight lakh globally, world leaders and epidemiologists have left no stones unturned to spread awareness about the pandemic and efforts to contain it. But it's not just governments and health experts who are doing their part in fighting the pandemic. In fact, one of the most impactful contributions in encouraging and perpetuating COVID-19 preventive measures such as social distancing, home quarantine, hand-washing, and other practices has come from none other than celebrities and influencers.

Keeping up with the trend, Jackson, who appeared on a video call with Jimmy Kimmel on the Jimmy Kimmel show from his home, read a coronavirus PSA in his classic style. "The 'rona is spreading, this shit is no joke — it's no time to work or roam," read Jackson, delivering the important PSA on a video call with Jimmy Kimmel. "The way you can fight it is simple, my friends: stay the fuck at home."

The PSA is a play on Jackson's popular reading of the adult children's bedtime story "Go the f**k to sleep", written by American author Adam Mansbach.

Kimmel shared the video on social media with the caption, "The coolest man in quarantine joins us with an important and profane message..."

The video has since been going viral on Twitter and bringing cheer, even as global despair continues to increase. The video comes in the wake of 188,647 positive cases of coronavirus in the United States and over 4,000 deaths.