COVID-19 Positive Woman Dies After Being Turned Away by 10 Hospitals in Agra

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Agra, April 24: In a heart-wrenching incident, a COVID-19 positive woman died in Agra after she was refused admission in 10 hospitals. For over five hours, Aakash Yadav and his sister Neha ran from one hospital to another in order to save their COVID-19 positive mother's life. However, they lost their mother outside the 10th hospital that they had visited. Long Queues at Cremation Centres in Agra as Bodies Pile Up.

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According to a report, both parents of Aakash and Neha, father Rakesh Yadav and mother Seema Yadav, tested positive for coronavirus last week. The couple, resident of Linepar area in Uttar Pradesh's Firozabad district, isolated themselves at home. On April 19, Rakesh was admitted to a private hospital in Agra after his condition worsened. Several COVID-19 Vaccination Centres in Agra Report Shortage of Jabs.

On the evening of April 22, Seema had high fever and starting having difficulties in breathing. She was brought to the hospital in Agra where Rakesh was receiving treatment. However, she was turned by the hospital authorities who cited non-availability of beds and oxygen shortage, the report said. For over five hours, Aakash and Neha took their mother to nine different hospitals. But none admitted the woman.

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Gasping for oxygen, Seema breathed her last at 10:30 pm on April 22. But Aakash and Neha's nightmare did not end with passing away of their mother. back in Firozabad, the brother-sister had to make several calls to the district administration and health department officials for their mother's cremation. Hours after her death, a team finally arrived and she was cremated.

"My mother died waiting for oxygen. She left us in pain. We kept requesting outside different hospitals to arrange for oxygen and provide her treatment. I made calls to helpline numbers and health officials, but no one helped. I saw my mother suffering for over five hours. I wish no one else goes through such an ordeal," Aakash was quoted by TOI as saying.