COVID-19 patient's dead body falls off ambulance in MP

Siddhant Pandey
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COVID-19 patient
COVID-19 patient

23 Apr 2021: COVID-19 patient's dead body falls off ambulance in MP

In a shocking incident captured on camera, the dead body of a COVID-19 patient fell on the road from an ambulance in the Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh.

The ambulance was notably carrying bodies of COVID-19 patients for cremation.

The incident caused panic among family members of COVID-19 patients at the Vidisha Medical College.

Here are more details.

Incident: Incident occurred today morning as ambulance exited hospital

The incident occurred as the ambulance was exiting the Vidisha Medical College to take the bodies for cremation on Friday morning.

The Dean of Vidisha Medical College, Sunil Nandeshwar, told The Indian Express, "The ambulance was old, donated by an NGO and the door broke leading to the situation."

Incidentally, at the time, relatives of COVID-19 patients had gheraoed the hospital.

Hospital: 252 patients admitted at hospital; oxygen supply low

Vidisha Medical College—the only dedicated COVID-19 care center in the district—has restricted the entry of relatives of COVID-19 patients.

Reportedly, the 310-bed facility had 252 patients admitted there and has been running low on liquid medical oxygen.

District collector Pankaj Jain said the oxygen refilling tank arrived in time and the situation was brought under control.

Last rites: 'All bodies being cremated as per COVID-19 protocol'

The hospital is cremating all bodies, including those of suspected cases or those brought dead on arrival, as per COVID-19 protocol as the hospital is a micro containment zone, Jain said.

However, families of non-COVID-19 patients who died are demanding that their bodies be handed over.

Nandeshwar said families can briefly bid goodbyes while wearing PPE kits and N-95 masks.

Quote: 'Help desk set up outside hospital for patient's families'

Jain said, "Considering that they have been exposed to an environment which is a micro containment zone, we are not handing over any dead body coming out of the medical college."

A help desk has been set up outside the hospital giving all information regarding the patients to their families. Jain said, "The help desk is transparent and there is nothing to hide."