When Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Peak And End? A Data-Based Report

Shivangi Karn
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As of today, the confirmed COVID-19 cases in India is 1.8 million with a death toll of 38,135. The number of cases is increasing per day at the rate of 50000 or higher and multiple hotspots are emerging in states and cities.

Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are on top of the list with more number of COVID-19 cases with Andra Pradesh, Delhi and Karnataka behind them.

If we take a look at the previous reports, Karnataka has emerged as a new state with a sudden spike in coronavirus cases. Around the world, India now ranks the third worst pandemic-affected country, after the USA and Brazil.

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The Times Fact-India Outbreak Report

According to a data report released by Times Network and Protiviti (a global data analytics company), India is likely to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic by the mid of October this year.

The figures in the report talk about the months when the coronavirus will be at a peak in the city or state and when it might be declared ended. A report also says that Times Network has achieved around 96 per cent accuracy previously in predicting active coronavirus cases, therefore, the latest report can also be valuable in predicting the end of the pandemic.

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India Outbreak Report

This report is based on the 'most likely' scenario and its findings are based on the SEIR model.

Name Of The Place

Peak On

End On


4 August

25 September

Tamil Nadu

Already Peaked

25 September


10 August

18 September


Already Peaked

25 August

Andra Pradesh

16 August

25 September


Already Peaked

30 September

Uttar Pradesh

18 August

29 September


2 August

29 September

West Bengal

20 August

3 October


4 August

17 September


Already Peaked

20 September

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Oxford University COVID-19 Vaccine Is The New Hope

According to a report published today on The Lancet, a COVID-19 candidate vaccine has shown positive results in the first human trial, giving hope to people around the world that the development of a safe and effective vaccine is not far away.

At present, there are around 150+ candidate vaccines available which are undergoing different trial stages. Among them, a promising Oxford University and Astra Zeneca's (a British-Swedish drug company) vaccine candidate named AZD1222 has passed the trial results.

According to the study, the candidate vaccine AZD1222 has shown strong immune response for around two months of the trial period. The second dose of the vaccine has caused a significant boost in the immune system without any side effects. This is an important milestone in the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

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To Conclude

On a daily basis, new insights, analysis and reports are being carried out across the world. These reports help in understanding the severity of the coronavirus condition and how with proper and effective measures, one can reduce the spread. To note, maintaining a proper hand hygiene and social distancing are the best ways to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

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