Covid-19 Pandemic Will End Only When I Land in India, Claims Nithyananda

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As India battles a brutal second wave that has wreaked havoc across the country, self-styled godman Nithyananda in his new video, says that the Covid-19 pandemic will end only when he lands in India.

The fugitive self-styled godman, who has been accused of sexual assault, fled India in 2019, said to have been hiding in Ecuador, claimed that he had set up a so-called ‘Virtual Island’ called ‘Kailasa’ off the coast of Ecuador.

Later then, the self-styled godman used to give sudden entries by releasing videos from time to time to create a stir on social media that eye-catch netizens to create social humour via memes and reactions that eventually go viral. Further, Nithyananda said that he had appealed to the UN requesting to declare ‘Kailasa’ a separate country. By moving a step ahead, Nithyananda also created a website exclusively for Kailasa, following that, he also made a shocking announcement through video that he had opened a Reserve Bank in Kailasa and unveiled new currencies.

Meanwhile, on April 19, the self-styled godman announced that devotees from India will not be permitted to enter his ‘Kailasa’ during the Covid-19 second-wave outbreak. He also included Brazil, European Union and Malaysia in the list.

Apparently, in a video released a couple of days ago, one of the disciples of Nithyananda asked him when Covid-19 will leave India. While answering, Nithyananda said that goddess ‘Amman’ has entered his spiritual body, Covid-19 will leave India only when he sets his foot on the Indian land. As this purported video of Nithyananda has gone viral on the internet, netizens have started speculating whether the godman will come to destroy Covid-19 from India.

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