Amid lockdown, Muslims cremate an old Hindu lady

As India’s Muslim community faces the ire of the public and the media over Delhi’s Tablighi Jamaat coronavirus ‘super spreaders’, a story that has been going viral on social media illustrates the indestructible bond of humanity that still exists between people of different religions.

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In the Dhubri district of Assam, about 25 people from the Muslim community performed the last rites of an old Hindu woman, Shanti Choudhary, recently, as the deceased’s relatives were unable to reach her residence due to the ongoing country-wide lockdown.

The men also arranged the pyre and called a Hindu priest from the nearby village to perform the rituals as per Hindu customs.Shanti was a 75-year-old widow living in Parbari village, which is 20 kms from the district headquarters. She died on Wednesday at 10 am.

The incident is being called out on social media for highlighting that, despite all the apparent acrimony and mud-slinging, India’s secular foundations still ring true in the heart of the common man.

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