COVID-19 Lockdown: Maruti Suzuki Provides Food and Ration Items for Villagers in Haryana

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Extending help and doing its bit during the time of crisis, Maruti Suzuki recently announced a slew of steps taken to fulfil the basic needs of communities in Manesar and Gurugram amid the national lockdown.

The in-house canteen at its plant is now being used to prepare food that is distributed to temporary workmen and student trainees staying in nearby areas. In addition to this, 7,000 food packets are being served for lunch as well as dinner in Gurugram and Manesar.

Ration items including kasan, alihar, dhana, baas-kusla and kho are being distributed to five villages in Manesar by the company. In accordance with the local administration, the company is also supplying 500 kits of dry ration each day. This kit consists of rice, wheat, cooking oil, soap, sugar and other essential items.

Aiming to keep the morale up, the company has also launched an online Family Connect program that reaches out to its employees’ families via video conferencing for fun activities during the lockdown.

Ahead of this, the company had announced a partnership with AgVa healthcare, an approved manufacturer of ventilators, to help manufacture the equipment at its plant. AgVa Healthcare would be responsible for the technology, performance and related matters for all the ventilators produced and sold by them.

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