Covid-19 Inoculation Drive for Eligible Beneficiaries to Begin at Workplaces Today: All You Need to Know

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With an aim to rapidly cover eligible beneficiaries amid the second wave of Covid-19 infections, the inoculation drive will begin at workplaces from Sunday, as per the government's announcement.

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare wrote to the states to make arrangements for the inoculation facility at both private and government offices provided there is an availability of at least 100 eligible and willing beneficiaries. As per a Hindustan Times report, the states were advised to initiate consultations with private and public sector employers to prepare for the launch of workplace vaccination service.

However, the vaccination service at the private workplaces will be a paid service and the price is capped at Rs 250 per dose. And the service at the government offices will be organised free of cost by the local health authorities. This comes after the government stated that a substantial proportion of the population aged between 45-59 years (in some cases up to 65 years) are in the organised sector of the economy and were involved in formal occupation in offices.

Here's All you Need to Know About Inoculation Drive at Workplaces

– All Workplace vaccination centres should be registered in the CoWin portal as government or private Covid Vaccination Centre (CVC) at Workplace.

– Only employees of that particular office aged 45 years or more will be eligible for vaccination at the workplace, no outsiders including eligible family members will be allowed for vaccination at 'CVC at Workplace'.

– Every CVC in a government-run workplace will be tagged to an existing and nearest CVC in the government medical facility, and likewise, every CVC in a private workplace will be tagged to an existing and nearest CVC in the private medical facility.

– One fully trained vaccination team will be assigned to vaccinate 100 beneficiaries at Workplace. Additional teams shall be deployed in case workload is more than 100 beneficiaries and if sufficient space for vaccination is available.

– The management of the office will be responsible for arranging adequate rooms/space for Covid-19 inoculation. Only one type of vaccine will be provided at these sessions to avoid mixing of vaccine types in the first and second dose of a beneficiary.

– Beneficiaries will be required to bring Aadhar, other IDs approved by the MoHFW are EPIC, passport, driving license, PAN card, smart card issued by RGI under NPR, and pension document with photograph as the verification will be done by Verifier (Vaccination Officer-1).

– The full list of beneficiaries, as available in CoWin, will be visible to all verifiers and vaccinators, an option of on-the-spot registration will also be available.

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