COVID-19: Does lying in 'prone position' help improve oxygen levels?

Sagar Malik
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COVID-19: Does lying in
COVID-19: Does lying in

25 Apr 2021: COVID-19: Does lying in 'prone position' help improve oxygen levels?

India is presently in the middle of an unprecedented second wave of COVID-19, with several states facing an acute shortage of oxygen and patients failing to secure hospital beds.

Amid all this, a video showing how to "improve" your oxygen levels at home has surfaced.

But is it just another viral claim or does it actually work? Find out here.

Details: 'A tried and tested method'

In the viral video, a man is seen lying down in the prone position and breathing while his oxygen saturation levels increase.

Asked about the effectiveness of the method, Dr. Rajesh Pande, the Senior Director of BLKC Center for Critical Care in Delhi, told News18, "The prone method isn't a hack, it's a tried and tested and scientifically proven method to improve oxygen supply."

Details: 'Doctors following it for over 10 years'

Dr. Pande said that doctors have been following this technique for more than 10 years.

Explaining the science behind it, he said that in the prone position, the heart rests on the breast bone and gives space to the lungs to expand, increasing air flow to the back where the blood circulation is the most.

This eventually leads to more effective oxygenation.

Steps: How to get into the prone position?

Dr. Pande recommends using this method when you feel a dip in your oxygen levels.

To get into the prone position, lie down on the floor or a mat with your chest facing downward.

Take a deep breath and then breathe out.

Repeat this a few times to enhance your body's oxygen levels.

You may also use pillows to support your chest and legs.

Fact: Breathlessness a symptom in critical COVID-19 patients

Breathlessness or shortness of breath is a possible symptom of COVID-19 in critical patients. You may consider buying a pulse oximeter to keep a check on your oxygen saturation levels. If you experience any coronavirus symptoms, isolate yourself and get tested as soon as possible.

Fact: Here is a video on how to perform it