‘COVID-19 cases are decreasing gradually’: Delhi doctors

New Delhi, May 23 (ANI): Senior Doctors of Delhi on May 23 said that COVID-19 cases are decreasing gradually. Ujala Cygnus Hospital Founder Director Dr Shuchin Bajaj said, “On April 12, around 38 lakh people got vaccinated. The target was 40 lakh per day and if the same target was followed we would have vaccinated first dose around 53 crore people but we had vaccinated first shot to only 19 crore. We have to raise our speed as it is evolving every day. I appeal people to get vaccinated as per slots and request the state government to make the vaccines available. The case graph along with vaccination graph is coming down.” Max Hospital Senior Director Dr Manoj Kumar said, “In the last 24 hours, the country reported 2,40,000 cases with 3,700 deaths. This is the continuous decreased number of cases reported for 7th consecutive days. It shows the COVID cases are under control and is decreasing. But COVID associated Mucormycosis cases have been increased.”

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