Here’s how COVID-19 altered drinking habits among young adults

New Delhi, June 5 (ANI): With the implementation of several restrictions, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has somehow managed to alter the drinking habits among young adults, suggested a new study. According to the new study, published in the journal 'Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research', alcohol consumption was reduced among young adults during the initial phase of coronavirus. In a sample of nearly 500 young adults ranging in age from 18 to 25, researchers saw a reduction in problematic drinking and alcohol consequences for both men and women. COVID curbs on socialisation played a major role in the reduction of risky alcohol use in this age group. In fact, the shutdown of bars and cafes has decreased binge drinking. However, the study has found increased rates of depression among women. Among study participants, women showed a substantial increase in the odds of meeting the threshold for clinical depression from pre- to intra-pandemic. A similar effect was not found in male participants. Senior author James MacKillop emphasised how social interactions used to act as stress busters for people.

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