COVID-19: Actor Arjun Gowda Turns Ambulance Driver to Help Patients in Bangalore

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Amid the surging cases of the pandemic, celebrities from the entertainment industry are coming forward to help the common citizen in whatever way they can. One such star to do so recently was Kannada actor Arjun Gowda.

The actor is currently working as an ambulance driver to help Covid-19 patients in Bengaluru, as a part of an initiative called Project Smile Trust.

In an interview with Bangalore Times, the actor opened up about the job and said, “I’ve been on the road for a couple of days and I’ve already helped out around half a dozen people with assistance for final rites. We want to ensure that we help out anyone in need irrespective of where they come from or what religion they practice.”

“I’m also ready to travel across town for help. I ended up taking someone who lives in Kengeri all the way to Whitefield to get them admitted in the hospital. I plan on continuing with this help for the next couple of months as the current situation is quite back and I want to do my bit to people in whatever little way that I can,” he added.

On an Instagram post from his unverified account, the actor said that he has taken all necessary precautions and also training required for the job.

Arjun Gowda is popular for his roles in films like Yuvarathnaa, Odeya, Rustum and Aa Drushya, among others.

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