Cousins Held Under Anti-Romeo Drive, Freed After Cops Take Bribe

Track record of past six months of the Yogi government do not kindle hope among people, writes Sudhir Panwar.

Two policemen have been suspended for allegedly harassing and taking bribe from a youth and his cousin, whom they had detained during the Uttar Pradesh Police’s anti-Romeo drive here.

On 26 March, sub-inspector Sanjeev Giri and constable Vimal detained a youth and his uncle’s daughter, both aged about 18, when they went to purchase medicines from their native Hashmat Ganj village, Superintendent of Police KK Chaudhari said.

“The policemen said they had taken action against them under the anti-Romeo operations and they were kept at a police station for over five hours,” he said.

The police personnel refused to let go the cousins even after their relatives approached them and clarified that they were related and were not a couple, he said.

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The policemen allegedly demanded a bribe of Rs 5,000 to free them, the officer said, adding the relatives gave the amount and also filmed the cops accepting the bribe.

They later approached the local MLA and Minister Baldev Singh Aulakh, who informed the SP about the incident.

The officer said after going through the video and initial investigation, he suspended the accused sub-inspector and the constable on Tuesday.

Anti-Romeo squads set up by the Uttar Pradesh government to prevent eve-teasing, has drawn criticism from certain quarters as policemen have allegedly targeted couples also.

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