Couples Who Raise a Dog Together are Likely to Share a Stronger Bond, Says Study

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Raising and playing with dogs has effectively proven to be stress-busting. Several studies have shown that canines make humans calmer, more patient and happier in life.

Apart from the benefits of raising a pooch alone, a new study points out that raising a pooch help work a relationship better. carried out a survey, only to find that 60% of couple owners said that having a dog at home and looking after it “made their relationship stronger”. In fact, around half of the survey participants added that their pet dogs helped them spend more time together as a couple.

As per the data released by the study, 88% have highlighted “teamwork” as the most important element while raising a pet dog, whereas 65% said trust is also a necessity.

Meanwhile, 43% got attracted to their partners and found them sexier after bringing a dog home.

Interestingly, raising a dog together acts as a good training period to raise children in future.

Now, while there are several positive aspects to raising a canine together as a couple, there are some drawbacks as well. The study stated that one in six said that their sex life has gone for a toss as their dog sleeps most of the time with them on their bed

Hayley Quinn, a relationship educator, has lighted “compromise and communications talents” as the most important aspects while having a pet.

She says, ‘Getting a dog together is a gigantic commitment. Owning a pet together can toughen the quality of your relationship. Seeing your accomplice prove their emotional traits, akin to care and compassion, would possibly perhaps additionally be extremely horny and, as this look reveals, increases sexual desire,” quoted the Study as saying.