‘A Couple Without a Child Becomes a Topic of Discussion’

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(The following article is part of #SheIsCompleteInHerself – a Prega News campaign that aims to raise awareness around infertility and celebrate every woman for who she is.)

Mumbai-based Nandita (name changed on request) is in her late 30s and is of the opinion that society shouldn’t treat couples without children differently.

Moment of realisation: After marriage, we were really busy in our own lives and 7 years just went by. However, once I crossed 33 that's when it hit me and we genuinely started trying for a baby but when it didn't happen for a year or so we decided to talk to a specialist.

Coming to terms with it: Having a baby is one of the easiest things in the world, isn't it? Yet here we were astounded that we were one of those couples who could possibly have fertility issues. It was hard but then once it sinks in you have no other choice but to deal with it.

The pressure of starting a family: Oh yes! A couple without a child who's been married for some years automatically becomes the topic of discussion. Initially, it all starts with friendly banter but often your relatives and friends don't realise that there comes a point when it doesn't sound funny.

#SheIsCompleteInHerself is a Women’s Day initiative by Prega News, India’s No. 1 pregnancy detection card. Check out their powerful Women’s Day video that addresses infertility.

Whether society is harsher to women: It does. The woman has to bear the brunt for this as well but if you have a supportive family and husband you win half the battle.

Whether motherhood completes a woman: Nothing can complete you but for the happiness and contentment in your own heart. So I would only say that there are more things to life that can give you unlimited joy.

Breaking the stigma around infertility: Let’s start normalising it by being okay to talk about it, by having discussions on it and by not treating couples without kids any differently.

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