Couple that trafficked 500 girls arrested by police in Delhi

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Couple that trafficked 500 girls arrested by police in Delhi

Pinki and Radhey were running a human trafficking racket and were living a lavish life in East Delhi's Geeta Colony area.

Pinki and Radhey, a couple in their late thirties who have trafficked more than 500 girls, mostly, from West Bengal in past eight years, are now under police's net. The arrest was made by the Sunderban police in West Bengal along with Shakti Vahini, an NGO working for anti-human trafficking.

They took help of the Delhi Police in arresting the couple from their rented accommodation on Friday. They have been living a lavish life in Delhi's trans Yamuna's Geeta Colony area.

"The couple has been living in the area for the past few years. However, it is not their permanent residence. Whenever a gang member was arrested or any girl trafficked by them was rescued, they would change their hideout and used to go underground for a few weeks before returning to their residence in Geeta Colony," said an official from the West Bengal Police.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the couple used to traffick the girls from West Bengal and were then sold to brothels in Delhi and Agra.

According to sources, the accused couple has two daughters, who stay at their grandparents' house in Delhi.

"They have been intentionally kept away so that they do not get affected from the dirty-business they do," said a senior officer.

On June 3, Mail Today reported about the rescue operation of six Muslim teenagers belonging to Sundarbans area, who were trapped by a prostitution syndicate. They were lured with an offer of being taken on a tour to Agra city.

"When a 19-year-old girl was trafficked to a brothel in Agra she managed to call her parents. The police, then, arrested a lady named Meena alias Meenu (42) along with her two henchmen - Faraq and Kalimuddin Seikh. During a joint interrogation, they (accused) informed about the kingpin Pinki," said Tathagata Basu, Superintendent of Police, Sundarban.

He further said that the police was keeping a technical surveillance on Pinki's phone number, which was learnt during raids in Delhi and Bengaluru.

"They (accused) are in police's custody and will be sent to West Bengal Police on transit remand after that they will be produced in city's court on Saturday," he said.

Rishi Kant, co-founder of anti-human trafficking NGO - Shakti Vahini told Mail Today that the arrest of the couple is a big catch. "They are among the main source of trafficking from West Bengal," he said.

Mail Today had earlier exposed about the modus operandi following by the arrest of the henchmen of this racket. The gang members used to get mobile numbers of these girls from the mobile shopkeepers. They were then contacted and lured for job before being trafficked.