Couple arrested for kidnapping infant from Delhi railway station

New Delhi [India], Jan 8 (ANI): A couple was arrested here in connection with kidnapping a two-month-old baby on December 25 last year. The accused have been identified as Kavita, presently residing in Panchkula Haryana and her husband Dinesh. The couple was arrested today when they were boarding a train for Goa at Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station. In a statement, police said, "The incident took place on December 25 when Rajkumari was travelling from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station to Satna by Mahakaushal Express along with her daughter aged four and son barely two months old namely Dhruv." Police said, being illiterate and working as manual labour, Rajkumari could not identify the correct platform and went to platform number two instead of one. In her rush to board the train, she handed over her infant to Kavita while she moved her luggage into the train. However, when she returned to collect her baby, Rajkumari discovered that Kavita had vanished with the child. After she failed to locate her son, Rakjumari approached police at Nizamuddin Railway Police Station. Police said a team was constituted to conduct an investigation. The CCTV footage of the platform, entry and exit gates was scanned and two ladies near the complainant were identified. Based on the technical surveillance not only their mobile numbers were traced, it was found that one of them boarded the train to Madgaon (Goa). The other woman had come to see her off. The movement of this lady confirmed her elopement with the complainant's son. She first went to Moradabad and then to Panchkula in Haryana, police said. The boy was recovered safely by the team and the woman identified as Kavita was arrested along with her husband Dinesh while they were trying to board the train to Goa. (ANI)

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