Country moving in direction of yuva soch, says Modi

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The Prime Minister said that it is the youth who are leading the country today.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday praised the youth of the country, saying the country is moving in the direction of their thinking — “yuva soch”.

Addressing the five-day National Youth Festival in Lucknow through video-conferencing, he said, “Youth have wonderful capabilities — to solve problems in a new way. This way of thinking of the youth has helped us take decisions that would seem impossible to do. Their thinking tells us to face problems, and solve them. The country is also moving on their thinking. Today, in Jammu and Kashmir, Article 370 has been removed. The Ram Janmabhoomi dispute that had been going on for hundreds of years has ended, a law has been made on triple talaq. The CAA has become a reality today. After a terror attack, you see surgical and airstrikes... Our government is with the youth.”

The Prime Minister said that it is the youth who are leading the country today. “India is moving ahead with confidence. Who is leading the innovation, equations and start-ups in India today? It is you, the youth who is doing it. Today, in the world's start-up ecosystem, India is among the top three countries... The youth is behind this," Modi added.

Speaking on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, the PM said, “In the form of Swami Vivekananda, India got such energy this day that is still keeping our country energetic. Swami Vivekananda saw India's youth power as a strong link to its glorious past and future.”

Urging the youth to buy only local products, Modi said, “Till 2022, as much as possible can we only buy local products. Through this, knowingly or unknowingly, we will help a fellow Indian.”

Speaking at the event, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath criticised the protests on campuses, saying that slogans raised in “select” higher educational institutions warn about the centres of conspiracy. “The people who thrive on the resources of the country are trying to throw India in the cauldron of terrorism, Naxalism and extremism. This is confirmed by their statements," he said.