A Cosmos of Differences

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Our industry is filled with different professionals working in various departments. I think every sector has its importance and principles on which the deployed employees work. Have you ever heard of two different departments with the same motive and conclusive results? I’ll make it easier for you. I am talking about Marketing and Sales that work parallelly in every organization.

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Marketing and Sales are two vital sections of an organization but with different functions. We can often see that these two departments compete amongst themselves. Marketing is simply the base where Sales performs its art.

Got It? No….?

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With a common goal and target, Sales and Marketing act as two important pillars of any business. Sales activity and marketing your services & products sound similar, but they aren’t. Sales often relate to the transaction of money but Marketing includes retaining customers with valuable aspects. Identifying the demands of your audience and fulfilling them is what Marketing tends to be. Inversely proportional, pushing your products and services onto the audience and convincing them to buy is the Sales process.

Marketing is usually known as understanding consumers' requirements where the product itself sells it off. Whereas Sales refers to the selling of a product in a limited time with a given base price. Sales is product-oriented rather than being customer-oriented as in Marketing process. Sales and Marketing work with a fragmented & integrated approach and focus mainly on the company and market needs.

Every company works intending to create a trusted atmosphere where customers rely on these two factors. The sales process generally involves an exchange of goods so that the consumer gets an adequate consideration. Techniques used by Sales department consists of promotional price value, special offers, discount on services and products. Marketing on the other hand requires a call for identification of customers' needs and demands. People often believe in media promotions wherein Marketing comes into play but Sales is based on public-driven activity.

Instead of so many differences, Marketing & Sales do not have contradictory nature. Survival of business relies mainly on these two factors wherein both are almost interlinked. Not understanding the differences between Sales and Marketing could drive your business into a pool of losses. To avoid this serious risk, you need to operate both functions technically in a proper manner.

Concluding the battle, we need to gather some information around the corner as to what exactly the consumer requires. As Harvey Mackay has quoted, “You don’t need a big close as many sales reps believe. You risk losing your customer when you save all the good stuff for the end. Keep the customer actively involved throughout your presentation, and watch your results improve”. You just need to align Marketing and Sales in a manner where both can become factors for your success in the business.


Sachin D was nominated by IIT Mumbai to be their guest speaker in the 2020 International Summit. He has been a keynote speaker in many prestigious events. His prime hobbies are creative writing and being a speaker. For the mullah, he is at a senior position in a reputed Fintech company. Being completely a foodie, Sachin D is an expert traveller and likes exploring cuisines in different cities. He believes food and travel rejoice your temperament that in return will give you a better state of understanding business.

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