Coronavirus: Woman behind viral TikTok BBC News mashup speaks out

Roisin O'Connor

The woman behind a viral TikTok video of her DJ-ing to the BBC News theme tune has said she has been overwhelmed by the response.

Rachel Leary’s clip, which shows her pretending to DJ with bottles of anti-bac gel, air freshener and anti-bacterial spray, has been viewed millions of times on social media.

The caption made gentle fun of the fact that people have been paying greater attention to the news amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Raves from now on waiting for Covid-19 updates,” she wrote.

A number of similar videos have since emerged, showing people conducting fake raves to the BBC theme and other songs.

Speaking to the BBC itself, Leary said she “couldn’t believe” the reaction her video had received, and that she was simply a fan of the theme, which was composed by David Lowe.

Journalist Sophia Smith Galer said that dozens of BBC journalists had messaged her to thank Leary for boosting their morale.

TikTok has taken on a new lease of life as people find ways to entertain themselves – and their online followers – from home while they self-isolate.

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