Coronavirus Themed Kites in Gujarat Grace Skies Ahead of Uttarayan

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One of the most celebrated festivals of Gujarat is the Uttarayan. The festival marks the northward movement of the Earth on the celestial sphere. The name of the festival is derived from two words, ‘Uttar’ which means the direction ‘North’ and ‘ayan’ which translates to move. The auspicious occasion is dedicated to Sun God. Every year, this day is celebrated on January 14.

A day ahead of the big festival, shops across the state are flooded with a variety of kites. These range from photos of actors, crickets, politicians to different themes. What is unique this year is the coronavirus-themed kites. Some of these also come with precautionary messages to stay away from the virus and to curb its spread. In the market, one can also spot the kites which have superhero images.

Under normal circumstances, large scale kite flying events and competitions would have been organised. Moreover, every year on the day of Uttarayan, an International Kite Event takes place in Ahmedabad. People across the globe take part in this event to show their kite flying skills.

However, in the present situation, the government of Gujarat has only permitted the kite flying events to be held in the housing society premises. The Gujarat High Court has refused the people to fly kites in public places because of COVID-19.

Rajni Patel, a shopkeeper in the state, told the news agency ANI that more than 1500 varieties of kite are available in the market this year for the festival of Uttarayn. He also mentioned that the COVID-19 theme kites too are selling like hot cakes.

A person who was shopping for kites told the news agency that the festival this year is going to be super special as everyone will be home and will get the opportunity to celebrate it with their families. He went on to say that the government of Gujarat has also been kind in letting the people of the state celebrate the day in the housing complexes. This is a big relief after months of gloominess due to the current situation. He said, “I am super excited. This is going to be the best Uttarayan ever. I will celebrate it with my family. All of us are at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is such a happy and joyous occasion for all of us.”