Coronavirus: Sputnik V vaccine priced at Rs. 995 per dose

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Coronavirus: Sputnik V vaccine priced at Rs. 995 per dose
Coronavirus: Sputnik V vaccine priced at Rs. 995 per dose

14 May 2021: Coronavirus: Sputnik V vaccine priced at Rs. 995 per dose

One imported dose of the Russian anti-coronavirus vaccine - Sputnik V - has been priced at Rs. 995.40 in India, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories announced today.

That price includes Rs. 948 basic cost and a 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Sputnik V is the third anti-COVID-19 vaccine to be approved in India after the indigenous vaccine COVAXIN and Oxford-AstraZeneca's Covishield.

Details: First dose administered in Hyderabad today

However, the company said the vaccine price is expected to reduce once local production of the vaccine commences.

It is working closely with six manufacturing partners in India to ensure "smooth and timely supply."

The vaccine is likely to be available in the market from next week, the central government had earlier said.

The first dose of the vaccine was administered in Hyderabad today.

Details: First Sputnik V consignment landed in India on May 1

Sputnik V last month became the first foreign-made vaccine to be approved in India.

The first consignment of imported doses of this vaccine landed in India on May 1 and received clearance from the Central Drugs Laboratory in Kasauli on Thursday, May 13.

"Further consignments of imported doses are expected over the upcoming months," Dr. Reddy's said today.

Fact: Here is the press release by Dr. Reddy's

Vaccine: Sputnik V has an efficacy of 91.6%

Sputnik V has been developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Ministry of Health.

It is said to be as much as 91.6% effective.

The vaccine has reportedly received the most authorizations around the globe.

It is priced at less than $10 per dose in international markets and has already been administered to over 20 lakh people worldwide.

Vaccination: India plans to vaccinate all citizens by this December

Sputnik V's mass roll-out across India is significant as the country is facing a brutal second wave of infections and acute shortages of doses.

Offering a ray of hope, a top official yesterday said the government plans to inoculate all Indian citizens by the end of this year - by producing 216 crore doses and including eight different vaccines in the drive.

Crisis: India's coronavirus crisis

India has been gripped by a ferocious second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, reporting lakhs of infections and hundreds of deaths everyday for the past few weeks.

The unprecedented spike in infections has marred the country's healthcare infrastructure, resulting in shortages of essential equipment including hospital beds and medical oxygen.

India has fully vaccinated only 3% of its population of 1.4 billion.