Can Coronavirus Spread In Water Or Swimming Pools? Here's What We Know

Lindsay Holmes

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, summer will look a lot different this year. So what does that mean for going in the water?

There is some good news: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionno evidence has emerged to suggest that you can contract the coronavirus in pools, hot tubs, water parks or in large bodies of water like at the beach.

That said, some safety measures and health warnings should still be kept in mind before you take a dip. Here’s what you should know:

It’s still unknown if the spread of coronavirus will slow down in the summer

Some experts suspected at the beginning of the pandemic that the coronavirus could dissipate in the warmer months, similar to the flu and other viruses. However, that’s yet to be determined. The CDC states that hotter temperatures ― those above 75 degrees ― do not kill the virus. The disease can also still spread in warmer, humid climates. So don’t use sunbathing at the pool or the beach as an excuse to not practice healthy habits or follow pandemic guidelines. 

You should still maintain 6 feet of distance, both in the water and on land

Being outside and in the water is not completely risk-free, although it is better than staying in a more confined space. People should still practice safe social distancing when they’re at a pool, the beach, a lake or other recreational areas.

The CDC advises that you should avoid “group events, gatherings, or meetings both in and out of the water if social distancing of at least 6 feet between people who don’t live together cannot be maintained.”

Exceptions to this rule only include emergency evacuations and cases where someone is rescuing a distressed swimmer or providing medical help or first aid.

Washing your hands and cleaning surfaces remain a priority

The CDC advises that public pools should be equipped with plenty of hand soap and sanitizer to make it easy for visitors to maintain proper hygiene. All high-touch surfaces ― like handrails and...

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