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Kerala's Kasargod district was under total lockdown from March 21 after seeing a sharp increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 cases. All the villages were cordoned off and even inter-village transport was banned. Reportedly, a Dubai returnee, who tested positive for the virus has met several people in Kerala's several districts including the two MLAs who are now under self-quarantine. (Image: Special Arrangement)

Coronavirus Scare: Kerala's Kasargod District Seals Every Village

In less than a week after the Dubai-returned man tested positive, the district had the highest number of COVID-19 patients in the state. He was the third patient from Kasargod to have tested positive. According to a report, the 47-year-old man, a resident of Eriyal village in Kasargod, had travelled extensively for six days. He had attended a number of events over the last few days, including a marriage function and a football match, and exposed nearly 1,500 persons in four districts. On March 25, Kasargod placed the state at the top position in the country with its share of 44 active Covid-19 cases.