Coronavirus Scare: Chicken Prices in Mumbai Drops by 20% As People Avoid Its Consumption

Team Latestly

Mumbai, February 14: As coronavirus has reached atleast 44 countries and with the death toll mounting, there is fear and panic in the minds of every people. The myths and fears around coronavirus have intensified and Maharashtra is also facing the heat of it. Many people are avoiding the consumption of chicken and as a result of which, prices have dropped by 20 percent, even though there is no direct link between the two.

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According to a Times of India report, poultry shops across Bandra, Kurla, Chembu and Andheri have reported that sales have dipped considerably. Poultry farmers are suffering losses by disposing of birds at a 20 percent lower rate. Coronavirus Scare in Maharashtra: Central & State Animal Husbandry Departments Step in to Dispel Fears About Any Link Between Poultry & COVID-19.

Earlier this month, the Central and State Animal Husbandry Commissionerates stepped in to dispel rumours after the poultry industry last week warned about a misinformation campaign which linked protein with the spread of the novel coronavirus (nCoV).

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